Emergency lighting system

Sketch seek to provide needy people by Emergency lighting system which is an alternative, cheap and safe solution of lighting. Emergency lightning system provides light for homes for more than 9 hours a day, as well as it doesn’t need any type of fuel or any operational cost for working and helps families to practice their daily activities at night as same as at day. Sketch Engineering would be very happy to receive your order or donation to install Emergency lighting systems in the poorest family homes.

Our work with MECA

General goal

Relieve the electricity crisis through supplying the needy people by LED lighting system as a cheap and safe solution.

Specific objectives

Preventing fire disasters that occur in some houses, because of the use of candles as a source of lighting during the night

Helping people to practice their home activities during the evening without awkwardness

Providing a suitable atmosphere and suitable lighting for children to study their lessons and do their homework in the evening at home.

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